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Kidney Failure Hemodialysis Equipment for Treatment CL-8000A QQ20150222093309.jpg Forms of Therapy: Hemodialysis, Isolated Ultrafiltration, Sequential Ultrafiltration, Hemoperfusion, Plasma exchange (optional). Technical Features: 1. Multrifunction, individual therapy. 2. The advanced volume balance control system enables accurate control of ultrafiltration. 3. The combination of sodium profile and ultrafiltration profile effectively avoids comlications: Low blood pressure and electrolyte unbalance. 4. Relibility and safety are ensured by a dual-control supervising system. Function Features: 1. Sodium and UF profiling provide individual treatment for patients. 2. Convenient program of sequential therapy and dialysis with variational sodium. 3. KT/V calculation function evaluates the sufficiency of dialysis. 4. The special hemoperfusion mode reduces the time for selftest and the consumption of water and concentrates in normal dialysis machines. 5. Can provide the isolated dialysis. 6. Back-up power supply for 30 min after electricity off. Specification: Dimensions (W x H x L) 550 × 460×1450 MM Gross Weight Aprox. 140 Kg Power Supply AC220V, -20%to +10%,50~60HZ Connected Load £2000VA Water Supply Pressure Range :0~8.0BAR, Temperature Range:0~35°C Venous Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg Arterial Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg Transmembrane Pressure Working Range -700~+800mmhg, Accuracy±10mmhg Blood Flow Range 0~700ml/Min Dialysate Flow Range 0~300~500~800ml/Min (Adjustable) Ultrafiltration Rate 0~6000L/H Dialysate Temperature Working Range 30~41°C,Accuracy±0.1°C Heparin Pump Working Range 0~10 ml/H,Accuracy±0.1ml/H Conductivity Working Range 10~20 ms/cm Accuracy±0.1ms/cm Air Detector Detecting³0.02ML/Single Bubble Detecting Blood Leak Detector Detecting blood leak ≥0.35mL/min (HCT 32%) Hot Rinse ³85°C Clean/ Disinfection Decalcification: Rinse, citric acid Thermal Disinfection: Hot water or citric acid Chemical Disinfection: Sodium hypochlorite or peracetic acid

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