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Fetal Doppler Unit

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Recording From a Fetal Doppler Monitor MENU0:00 Recording from a consumer-grade fetal doppler monitor of an approximately 16-week-old fetus Problems playing this file? See media help. Fetal Heart Rate and Activity Monitor - Baby Doppler Fetal Heart Rate and Activity Monitor - Baby Doppler A Doppler fetal monitor is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to detect the fetal heartbeat for prenatal care. It uses the Doppler effect to provide an audible simulation of the heart beat. Some models also display the heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). Use of this monitor is sometimes known as Doppler auscultation. The Doppler fetal monitor is commonly referred to simply as a Doppler or fetal Doppler. It may be classified as a form of Doppler ultrasonography (although usually not technically -graphy but rather sound-generating). Doppler fetal monitors provide information about the fetus similar to that provided by a fetal stethoscope. One advantage of the Doppler fetal monitor over a (purely acoustic) fetal stethoscope is the electronic audio output, which allows people other than the user to hear the heartbeat. One disadvantage is the greater complexity and cost and the lower reliability of an electronic device

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